Animal kingdom to get active followers

Let’s talke about cute pets that get active followers on their owners’ accounts

Animals are one of the most attractive examples of the beauty of life. Their owners know that, so they create accounts where their pets are the main role. This one of the many examples of how you can get active followers thanks of your bests friends. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you have.

Our first example is Exempel the Bunny, this adorable bunny has more than one hundred fifty thousand followers. His owner makes amazing pictures of him in which he shows his followers the best part of the rabbits’ life. With all this tools and ideas, Exempel’s owner gets active followers every day.

Smile for the camera!

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The second example is Hamlet the Piggy. She shows us how fashionable a pig can be, and with her owners help, she gets lots of active followers, she has more than three hundred thousand followers.

One of the most originals users of Instagram is Pumpkin. She is a rescued authentic raccoon who shows us how amazing her is life with her doggy friends.

🎃"SAY IT!" 🐶"Uncle! Uncle!" 🎃"Muuahaha the tickle queen wins again!"

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The fourth example is Marnie the Dog, a beautiful Shih Tzu who was adopted and now enjoys her life posting for funnies pictures. She gets active followers with her different costumes and travels. Her followers give her more than one hundred comments and thousands of likes.

Boo did I scare u? #PetsGoneRogue #Ad @nissanusa Available Features Shown. See link in bio.

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The last example is Nala Cat, she is the owner of our top of animal instagrammers. She has more than three millions of active followers. How does she get so many actives followers? With more than five thousand posts where her owner uses hashtags, and her followers respond with comments and likes. Also because of this, she announces Friskies’ food for cats.

Now you know that animals can be more famous than us on Instagram. Not to forget, that they are awesome and can get more fans than Justin Bieber.

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