Alina Alieva gets fast likes on Instagram

Alina Alieva participated on beauty women contest and get fast likes on Instagram.

All the girls and women in this world want to participate in beauty contest, but it’s usually very difficult to travel to the big cities where beauty pageant take place. Nevertheless, in recent years, thanks to social networks and Internet, is possible to celebrate virtual contest in which you can get fast likes on Instagram and win the contest.

But, what happens when one of the contestants is a boy? That happened on Miss Virtual Kazakhstan, where Alina Alieva reached the final and announced to the public that she was in reality a boy. She was Ilay Dygaliev, a young boy from Almaty of twenty-two years old.

He decided to participate on the contest after a conversation with his friends about the world of beauty. For this reason, he participated dressing up as a woman and showing his beauty with just a little make-up, and this way he/she got fast likes on Instagram.

Представляем удивительных участниц ✨ПОЛУФИНАЛА✨👑 в группе Южно-Казахстанская область! 1. Арина Алиева, 24 года, Шымкент. 2. Айкерим Темирханова, 18 лет, Кентау. 3. Тогжан Мусабаева, 21 год, Шымкент. 4. Лаура Мурадова, 26 лет, Шымкент. 5. Айдана Рыстай, 23 года, Шымкент. 6. Мадина Нурымбетова, 20 лет, Шымкент. 7. Айгуль Ертаева, 22 года, Шымкент. 8. Сағыныш Тұсынбаева, 20 лет, Шымкент. 9. Гульнара Досымбекова, 26 лет, Шымкент. 10. Дурдона Юсантаева, 23 года, Шымкент. КАК ПОДДЕРЖАТЬ УЧАСТНИЦУ: 1. Скачай мобильное приложение @inDriver (ссылка в био) 2. Зайди в левое меню приложения 📱. 3. Выбери раздел 👑 Miss Virtual Kazakhstan. 4. И проголосуй за понравившуюся участницу, нажав кнопку "Проголосовать". Каждый пользователь может отдать 1 голос за 1 участницу за весь период голосования (17-31 января). Вы можете голосовать за участниц из других групп, нажав на кнопку "Выбрать другой регион". Полуфинальное голосование продлится до 12:00 31 января 2018 г.

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When he revealed this secret his to the public and organization, he was automatically removed and replace by Aikerim Temirkhanova, who has only 1975 votes of the public, in contrast with the 2012 votes to Arina/Ilay.

Is its expulsion fair or maybe he could have had the chance to participate in the final thanks to his votes? Well, maybe, because his objective was to raise awareness of the femininity that beauty is something natural and how women can succeed if they are authentic and natural. Thanks to his expulsion, he gets fast likes on Instagram and becomes famous.

Ms. Avacado

Ms. Avacado

This case is similar to the case of Andrey Nagorny, a Russian young boy of twenty years old, which participated in a lingerie contest. He won with his girlfriend’s lingerie, make-up and under the name of Ms. Avacado. He won, but he was expelled and the organization of the contest took away his title.

What do you think about mixed contests based on natural beauty? Are these expulsions unfair? For their followers, new and old, it seems so, because they get a lot of fast likes on Instagram.

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