Accounts With Better Stories than Pictures

A few months ago Instagram gave us one of its biggest updates that came with Instagram Stories. Millions of users upload stories every single day, but did you know that some accounts are more well-known for their stories now instead of the pictures they upload?

Ami Vitale Picture taken by Ami Vitale.

For those who still don’t know, Instagram stories are basically like Snapchat. They’re temporary pictures or videos that you can edit with text, filters or emojis. They’re a quick way of telling a story without keeping it forever on your profile page.

The New York Times are eally well-known for the stories they update. One of their most famous ones were those regarding all the anti-Trump protests, which gave their followers different perspectives on the matter. Ami Vitale‘s account is also pretty popular. He’s a photographer for National Geographic and in his stories you can see lots of pandas and how they live in the wild. That’s definitely not something we all get to see every day!

If you’re into fashion, Marc Jacobs might also be an option. You’ll get quick beforehand updates on any of their newest released thanks to their sneak peaks on Instagram stories. So if you’re not following the account, you might miss out on it!

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