A Chef uses his strange foods to purchase real Instagram followers

Chef reveals how he can get a lot of followers thanks to the purchase real Instagram followers.

Imagine that you are an expert cook and you need to promote your job. What do you want to do to promote it? Maybe you can post beautiful pictures in which you show to your followers all your merit. Maybe you can get a lot of followers thanks to buy fake Instagram followers. For us, the best option is to promote your work with the purchase real Instagram followers.

Some instagrammer, such as Ben Churchill, prefer to combine two options: to post beautiful pictures and to purchase real Instagram followers.

But, who is Ben Churchill? He is a British chef who loves to show his followers his art. Until now, he cooked special and minimalist food with a great reception by his followers. Thanks to that, he got a few followers, but he needed to purchase real Instagram followers to boost his account.

Now he prepares different dishes combining vanguard food and trompe-l’oeil. How? He creates his special dishes giving them very curious shapes. For example, he created a vanguard dishes based on apple bavarois, stewed apple filling and chocolate. But, what’s new about this dish? The bavarois has the shape of an apple and the chocolate has the shape of maggots.

How you can see, it is a very modern and curious cooking style. But, do you want to eat a dish with this form? Or, do you prefer to eat a traditional bavarois with chocolate without strange shapes?

Thanks to these modern dishes he lost a few followers, maybe because of the controversy that they caused. For this reason, he recurs to purchase real Instagram followers every time he uploads a new post with his dishes.

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